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Events SF Books Inc. Opera Plaza. Take a tour of an alternate San Francisco with local author Ezekiel Tyrus sharing his debut novel Eli, Ely , a tragicomedy following Eli Trocchi's descent into unemployment, newly found not by choice singlehood, and his adventures through the City's eccentric underbelly in search of a place to belong.

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Event date:. On a cold April day, sixteen-year-old Ben Hylden tried on his suit coat for the upcoming school prom, then sped toward nearby Park River, ND for an appointment. After being found by his parents in the field just minutes later and rushed to a nearby.

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The book for our times that needed to be written, Up From the Ashes identifies that we are living through a period of societal breakdowns. The book discusses the corrosive impact of Political Correctness on the body politic. Political Correctnesss media bias and the self-guilt they propagate are leading to the demise of Democracy throughout the world. Up From the Ashes understands that the true friends and allies of Democracy are beginning to stir and pull back against the tide of Political Correctnesss dictatorship on thought.

Its a story that predicts and outlines the coming struggle between said dictatorship and the growing forces willing to defend Democracy at any cost. Jay Marquart loves life. He loves his daughter, Kristie. He loves his second wife, Susan. He loves Friday night fishing trips with his buddy, Brian.

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He loves Saturday night parties at his home where they fry fish, smoke pot, sniff coke, and drink booze. Sunday is recovery day.

Monday through Friday he works at Action Waste Management, where he seeks to be recognized and respected. They, in conjunction with Patriot Courier Service, are the instruments for the syndicate to capture the commerce of Boston by controlling City Hall, banks, and hospitals.

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Vision Mission. Website Setup Book to Screen Promotion. Finding Faith in the Field.

Tyrus: A Novel Tyrus: A Novel
Tyrus: A Novel Tyrus: A Novel
Tyrus: A Novel Tyrus: A Novel
Tyrus: A Novel Tyrus: A Novel
Tyrus: A Novel Tyrus: A Novel
Tyrus: A Novel Tyrus: A Novel
Tyrus: A Novel Tyrus: A Novel
Tyrus: A Novel Tyrus: A Novel

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