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Is It safe to take Plan B while on birth control?

Plan B , after a hook-up with a guy who is honestly the biggest jerk I've ever seen he makes her exit his house through the back door when his roommates are home. But when she starts feeling weird and misses a period, Annie takes a pregnancy test and realizes she's pregnant. This isn't supposed to happen—she took Plan B! I'll spare you the rest of the story here because, spoilers though def go watch it ASAP , but is this for real? Does the morning after pill really have a weight limit?

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And if so, WTF are plus-size women supposed to do about that? So, Plan B is an emergency contraceptive pill. It comes in the form of one tablet that contains 1.

Can You Travel With Plan B? You Should Be OK Bringing The Morning-After Pill

The pill helps stop the release of an egg from your ovary. But—and this is important—Plan B is not an abortion pill; again, it's an emergency contraceptive. One study in the journal Contraception found that women who had a BMI greater than 25 women who were, by BMI standards, overweight were more likely to get pregnant after taking Plan B than their counterparts with lower BMIs. He just said: 'She stole from me.

In Michelle , Ben takes that story and makes it even more troubling and violent, because "I wanted people to see my point of view, and to do that I had to make it brutal. Even after all that, she still needs her drugs, she still needs to suck somebody's cock so she can get her hit. It can be hard, for those of a sensitive disposition, to look at the world through Plan B's eyes.

But the reason why Ben is so uncompromising is, of course, because he's sensitive himself. All the kids from the local estate had nice trainers and new computer games, whereas Ben wore Golas and had an old Nintendo. But when his friends came round after school, they were wowed by Ben's house, because it had so many rooms. Even though, as Ben points out, they were all rented out to lodgers.

His dad, Paul Ballance, who was in punk band the Warm Jets and now runs various small music business enterprises, left when Ben was five months old — "a weekend dad" — and then disappeared completely when he was six. Ben's mother, who worked for the council was, he says, a "saint". But he clashed on and off with his stepdad, though he credits him now for introducing him to Italian food.

Brandeis University students launch vending machine that dispenses Plan B - The Boston Globe

And after his stepdad moved out, his mum had other, less suitable, boyfriends. It was because she wanted to help. She's like Mother Teresa — she thinks she can save people. Aside from his tricky home life, Ben had troubles at school. When he was 11, he went to a school in Essex. I learned that violence actually makes things better for me," he says. I'll get expelled, I'm not going through this any more. And then when you do, they're like: 'Oh, what's your name then?

Ben ended up in a pupil referral unit, which he credits with turning his life around. Although perhaps being a mummy's boy helped him, too. I never thought anything was impossible; I've always had self-belief. Maybe it is delusion, but the universe seems to align things in my favour. But that gives you no drive or determination to be anything. Being the outsider drove me to make something of myself, to prove them wrong. His songwriting's all right, but he's not a star.

It is hard to think of a clique that could contain every aspect of Plan B. Outsider, caner, observer, singer, writer, actor, director. He's alone in the centre of his very particular Venn diagram. He's unique. They must have stopped now, I say. You're practically a role model. I mean it as a joke, but when Ben answers, he's very serious. I drink.

Teenagers and Plan B--Teenology 101

I'm no good for you, if you're from a good background. But for kids with bad lives, from bad homes, the fucked-up kids whose parents are alcoholics, who are abused, whose lives are shit, then yeah, I'll bring you up.

Plan B One-Step – Morning After Pill

I'll understand. Listen to my music — I'll help you through.

You can rely on me. What does he think of Britain's maddest festival? Retrieved 10 January Archived from the original on 1 April Retrieved 13 June USA Today.

Plan B (musician)

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The Story of Plan B The Story of Plan B
The Story of Plan B The Story of Plan B
The Story of Plan B The Story of Plan B
The Story of Plan B The Story of Plan B
The Story of Plan B The Story of Plan B
The Story of Plan B The Story of Plan B
The Story of Plan B The Story of Plan B

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