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It competed in the Jubilife Contest. A Misdreavus appeared in Try for the Family Stone! She often used it in battles that always ended in Misdreavus's victory. A Misdreavus appeared Ghoul Daze! It has since then evolved into a Mismagius. It has since evolved into a Mismagius. A Misdreavus appeared in Lillie's Egg-xhilarating Challenge!

Two Trainers' Misdreavus appeared in Securing the Future! A Misdreavus appeared in Misdreavus Misgivings , under the ownership of Morty. It is one of his strongest battlers, being able to both exploit its own abilities and those of its opponents using non-damaging attacks like Spite.

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Having used it in the Gym Leaders' Tournament match which ended in a draw due to it using Destiny Bond , he still keeps it in his team to this day. A Trainer 's Misdreavus appeared in Tackling Togekiss.

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Hareta caught a Misdreavus in Win with Teamwork!! Misdreavus' nocturnal habits of wailing to frighten people and its similarity in appearance to a disembodied head are shared by various mythological creatures. One of these is the nukekubi , which shares the similarities of nocturnal habits, flying about as a decapitated head, and wailing to increase its victims' fright. Another possible origin is the banshee , a female spirit from Irish mythology , known for its unearthly wailing and screaming.

Misdreavus is a corruption of mischievous. It may also incorporate mistress , miscreant since it scares people , dream , dread , dreary , and reave to rob. Please remember to follow the manual of style and code of conduct at all times. Jump to: navigation , search. For a specific instance of this species, see Misdreavus disambiguation. Attack :. Defense :. Atk :. Def :. Speed :. For other sprites and images, please see Misdreavus images on the Bulbagarden Archives.

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Personal tools Create account Log in. This article is about the species. Images on the Bulbagarden Archives. Type Ghost. Ability Levitate. Cacophony Hidden Ability.

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Gender ratio Unknown. Catch rate 45 Breeding Egg Group Amorphous. Height 2'04". Weight 2. Mega Stone. Base experience yield Gen. Leveling rate Fast. Body style. Base friendship Misdreavus are extremely mischievous and like to cry out at night just to startle people. This concludes the entries from the original series.

Misdreavus loves being mischievous by pulling people's hair and shocking them. Generation II.

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Gold It likes playing mischievous tricks such as screaming and wailing to startle people at night. It loves to bite and yank people's hair from behind without warning, just to see their shocked reactions. It loves to watch people it's scared. It frightens them by screaming loudly or appearing suddenly. It likes playing mischievous tricks such as screaming and wailing to startle people at night.

Generation III. Ruby Misdreavus frightens people with a creepy, sobbing cry.

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A Misdreavus frightens people with a creepy, sobbing cry. It apparently uses its red spheres to absorb the fear of foes as its nutrition. Generation IV. Diamond It loves to sneak up on people late at night, then startle them with its shrieklike cry.

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It gets nourishment from fear that it absorbs into its red orbs. In daytime, it sleeps in darkness. It gathers fear as its energy. Generation V. Generation VI. X It gets nourishment from fear that it absorbs into its red orbs. It likes playing mischievous tricks, such as screaming and wailing to startle people at night. Misdreavus frightens people with a creepy, sobbing cry. Generation VII. Sun It will use any means necessary to frighten people and absorb their life energy. It practices constantly to hone its skill in causing fear. If you hear a sobbing sound emanating from a vacant room, it's undoubtedly a bit of mischief from Misdreavus.

What gives meaning to its life is surprising others. If you set your ear against the red orbs around its neck, you can hear shrieking. What makes it happy is imitating the voices of weeping people and scaring everyone. It doesn't deal well with folks who aren't easily frightened. Gold Silver Mt. Silver Night. Ruby Sapphire Trade , Event. Trade , Event. Lost Cave. Pyrite Town Shadow. Diamond Trade. Eterna Forest , Lost Tower Night. Safari Zone Cliff Cave , Mt. White Lake. Black Trade. Abundant Shrine. Spooky Manor.

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