Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother

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We also prayed that the war would be short and that the numbers of dead and wounded would be as small as possible. Our prayers were answered, and in this national period of thanksgiving designated by presidential proclamation, we join millions of religious people everywhere in prayers of thanks to a merciful Father in Heaven.

We offer love and sympathy to the families of those who lost their lives. And we continue to pray that the leaders who preside over the peacekeeping process and the care and repatriation of prisoners and refugees will be wise and considerate and successful in binding up the wounds of war. Thousands of years ago, on a mountain across the Arabian peninsula from the recent conflict, the Lord God of Israel gave his people ten commandments. The fifth commandment that the Lord gave through the prophet Moses was:. This morning I wish to speak about honoring our parents and the aged among us.

The commandment to honor our parents has strands that run through the entire fabric of the gospel. It is inherent in our relationship to God our Father. It embraces the divine destiny of the children of God. This commandment relates to the government of the family, which is patterned after the government of heaven. We sense the importance of these relationships when we realize that our greatest expressions of joy or pain in mortality come from the members of our families.

Other manifestations of this commandment include the bearing and care of children, the preparation of family histories, and efforts to see that the ordinances of eternity are performed for our departed ancestors.

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The Savior re-emphasized the importance of the fifth commandment during his ministry. He reminded the scribes and Pharisees that we are commanded to honor our father and our mother and that God had directed that whoever cursed father or mother should be put to death. See Lev. In this day, failing to honor our parents is not a capital crime in any country of which I am aware. However, the divine direction to honor our father and our mother has never been revoked.

See Mosiah ; Matt. To young people, honoring parents is appropriately understood to focus on obedience, respect, and emulation of righteous parents. President Spencer W. Kimball combined the ideas of obedience and emulation in these words:. No gift purchased from a store can begin to match in value to parents some simple, sincere words of appreciation.

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Nothing we could give them would be more prized than righteous living for each youngster. Kimball, ed. Edward L. Kimball, Salt Lake City: Bookcraft, , p.

Honor thy father and thy mother

Young people, if you honor your parents, you will love them, respect them, confide in them, be considerate of them, express appreciation for them, and demonstrate all of these things by following their counsel in righteousness and by obeying the commandments of God. To persons whose parents are dead, honoring parents is likely to involve thoughts of family reunions, family histories, temple work, and commitment to the great causes in which departed parents spent their lives.

Middle-aged persons are likely to think of the commandment to honor our fathers and our mothers in terms of caring for aged parents. When the elderly have no families to care for them, priesthood and Relief Society leaders should make every effort to meet their needs in the same loving way. Recent years have seen great increases in the numbers and percentage of older people in our population.

A recent study estimated that in another ten years one-seventh of the population of the United States, about 35 million people, will be at least 65 years old. At that time, about five million citizens will be age 85 or older. From time to time, Church leaders hear of grown children who seem to be good Latter-day Saints but are negligent or even maliciously indifferent in caring for their aged parents.

Some have encouraged parents to distribute their property and then have put them away in institutions, sometimes with inadequate care and sometimes without regular visits and expressions of love from their children. The best way to care for the aged is to preserve their independence as long as possible.

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President Benson explained:. Let us not take away from them choices which they can still make. Some parents are able to live and care for themselves well into their advancing years and would prefer to do so. Where they can, let them. When the elderly become unable to care for themselves, even with supplemental aid, care can be provided in the home of a family member when possible. Church and community resources may also be needed in this situation. When aged parents who are not able to live alone are invited to live with their children, this keeps them in the family circle and allows them to continue their close ties with all members of the family.

Honor Thy Father & Thy Mother

When a parent lives with one child, the other children should make arrangements to share the burdens and blessings of this arrangement. When it is not possible for parents to be cared for in the homes of their children, so that some type of institutional care is obtained, their children should remember that institutional care will generally focus on physical needs.

Members of the family should make regular visits and contacts to provide the spiritual and emotional sustenance and the love that must continue in the family relationship for mortal life and throughout all eternity. In some nations where our members reside, the obligation to care for aged parents is more keenly felt and more faithfully observed than in the United States. I saw this in Asia. Wonderful message This was a very special message I have gone through some of these situations with my own parents, thanks.

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What Does the Bible Say About Honor Thy Father And Thy Mother?

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Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother
Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother
Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother
Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother
Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother
Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother

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