Haircut with Benefits: Sexy Story

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  • 40 Gorgeous Updos for Short Hair - Best Updo Hairstyles for Short Hair.

A long and layered look that's enhanced by a great blow-out will please them to no end. The Aquarius woman is bohemian, quirky, and loves to have fun, and her hairstyle should reflect that. A look that's versatile, with layers and bangs in a medium length, ensures she can experiment with different hairdos—something very important to this sign.

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What is a DevaCut? Is it for me?

Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Ever since the African women started dying their hair grey, everyone noticed how beautifully it goes together with the dark skin and matte lipstick, as well as the cool trendy sunglasses.

There are different variations of this color, too: for instance, you can choose the light silver grey or the darker gun-metal grey. Shortly, there is a shade for every taste. The hairstyle we would absolutely want to suggest is some grey curls on top of your head, which will look amazing together with some accessories. It is an adorable and modern look, and you will not regret it, as it will showcase your individuality and fun-loving character in the best way. Red and orange tones will beautifully cooperate with one another, and make you look like a superstar. If you have been looking for a perfect hairstyle which will show how bold and determined you really are, this is one of your options that should go right on top of the list.

Your curls will look like the sun shines directly on your hair, and we have not even mentioned the beautiful geometric patterns yet.


You can shave off these lines on your shaved head section and then maintain them with regular trimming. Another recommendation will be using some noticeable earrings and a bright lipstick, to show your multicolored and positive state of mind. These flaming shades of orange and red are for the bravest women, so are you ready to take on the challenge?

Sometimes, there are situations when you are forced to cut your hair super short, in order to give it a rest. You should never think that it is too simple or not too pretty because, in fact, this hairstyle is very flexible and gives a nostalgic vibe. Another benefit of it is that the hair will let you freely perform your business and will not bother you when you are doing something important.

It is also very simple and easy to take care of it. The only thing you will need to do when you wake up in the morning is adding wax to the hair, and then you are ready to go.

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If you choose this hairstyle, you will forget about the hair-styling hassle forever. This is a favourite hairstyle of many influential black women including Jada Pinkett-Smith , which also means that it is the latest trend among the Nigerian and African ladies. The reason for it is that beautiful caramel coloring goes very well together with the smooth dark skin and golden accessories.

There are so many options for such a messy haircut for wavy hair, and we offer you to take a look at some of them.

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Let them be your source of inspiration for a new cool messy hairstyle! According to statistics, most men prefer short hairstyles. Firstly, these haircuts are universal and fit any appearance and age. Secondly, they are less demanding for styling and correction when hair grows out. Thirdly, they need less care, and also can help to hide any problems with hair.

You can literally get out of bed in the morning, comb your hair even with your fingers and go on your way. If you want to get neat and deliberately disheveled hair and a sexy hairstyle, try to make messy styling with styling products. Apply hair styling gel to your hair and set them with your fingers. You can experiment with the parting, make hair spikes, cut a short bang and comb it up — there is a wide field of fancy!

35 Prettiest-Ever Hairstyles With Bangs

Straight and thick hair is always difficult to lay and fix in one direction. But try to stay natural!

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Be careful, messy haircuts mean to be casual and unpolished. I loved my long hair; it made me feel so feminine and glamorous. But, over the past few months it started to become so hard to manage. I woke up wanting to cut it, made a same-day appointment, and chopped off over 8 inches of hair. I didn't feel like a new person, I felt more like myself. It's made me feel so much more confidant. This time, I cut off 14 [inches]. I hadn't cut my hair for about two years, and I missed having short hair. It was a pretty big impulse decision actually, I went straight from class to get my hair cut and then came back to campus for a meeting without really telling anyone.

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I felt really good afterward. I loved the length and I was really glad that I could send it straight to Wigs for Kids". I really liked how it looked, but there were also a few moments when I panicked. I remember trying to put my hair in a ponytail about a week after I cut it but it was too short.

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I started crying at my pitiful little nub. However, I am so so so glad I cut my hair. It was incredibly freeing. So much of my identity was wrapped up in having long blonde hair, which sounds silly, but it was true. I'm still me and I got to donate my hair to a really good cause. After I cut it I felt great because I donated to someone who needed it. I felt like a brand new person afterwards. I almost didn't recognize myself in the mirror. Every single person at my school was shocked — and I mean shocked.

Haircut with Benefits: Sexy Story Haircut with Benefits: Sexy Story
Haircut with Benefits: Sexy Story Haircut with Benefits: Sexy Story
Haircut with Benefits: Sexy Story Haircut with Benefits: Sexy Story
Haircut with Benefits: Sexy Story Haircut with Benefits: Sexy Story
Haircut with Benefits: Sexy Story Haircut with Benefits: Sexy Story
Haircut with Benefits: Sexy Story Haircut with Benefits: Sexy Story
Haircut with Benefits: Sexy Story Haircut with Benefits: Sexy Story

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