Expositions of Holy Scripture: the Acts

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These are the people who will be as hard as the nether millstones, and utterly blind to all enthusiasm and to all goodness. But yet these Pharisees are right:; perfectly right. Forgiveness is an exclusively divine act. Of course. For sin has to do with God only; vice has to do with the laws of morality; crime has to do with the laws of the land.

The same act may be vice, crime, and sin.

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In the one aspect it has to do with myself, in the other with my fellows, in the last with God. And so evil considered as sin comes under God's control only, and only He against whom it has been committed can forgive.

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What is forgiveness? The sweeping aside of penalties? By no means: penalties are often left; when sins are crimes they are generally left; when sins are vices they are always left, thank God! But in so far as sin is sin, considered as being the perversion and setting wrong of my relation to Him, its consequences, which are its penalties, are swept away by forgiveness; for forgiveness, in its essence and deepest meaning, is neither more nor less than that the love of the person against whom the wrong has been done shall flow out, notwithstanding the wrong.

Pardon is love rising above the ice-dam which we have piled in its course, and pouring into our hearts. When you fathers and mothers forgive your children, what does it mean?

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  5. Does it not mean that your love is neither deflected nor embittered any more, by reason of their wrongdoing, but pours upon them as of old? So God's forgiveness is at bottom--Child! But it shines on the upper side of the mists all the same, and all the time, and thins them away and scatters them utterly, and shines forth in its own brightness on the rejoicing heart. Pardon is God's love, unchecked and unembittered, granted to the wrongdoer.

    He presents him only as pious according to the Jewish faith.

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    The eunuch is returning to Meroe after a pilgrimage to Jerusalem for one of the feasts, and he is sitting in his chariot reading Scripture. The chariot is probably a four-wheeled covered vehicle, like an oxcart, large enough to accommodate the eunuch, his driver, Philip and possibly another servant who would be reading the manuscript aloud if the official is not doing so himself.

    The carriage is moving slowly enough to allow for reading and for Philip to approach it on foot. Reading aloud was the common practice in ancient times, and was especially necessary when words were strung together on a manuscript without spacing or punctuation Bruce Under the guidance of the Spirit compare ; ; , 4; , Philip obediently overcomes any social reticence, approaches the wagon, walks briskly alongside and engages the eunuch in conversation about his reading.

    Luke consistently tells us that reading and understanding Scripture are not the same thing, especially for those who do not have the hermeneutical key ; compare Lk ; Correct spiritual understanding is a gift ; The eunuch admits his need.

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    His humble, teachable stance is the essential first step to achieving knowledge of salvation compare Acts God in his mercy has provided not only the text but also the interpreter, a Spirit-filled teacher. The eunuch urgently, but politely, asks guidance ; ; contrast Lk And today these two gifts are still present. Where are those of teachable spirit? Though the wording reflects "a gravely deviant translation" Archer and Chirichigno at this point, the basic intention of Isaiah is not completely lost Williams Luke is very interested in the content of this quote, introducing it with a phrase meaning the "content or wording of the passage" compare v.

    by Anonymous

    In it we have a description of the innocent, righteous sufferer, the objective basis for vicarious atonement. Luke has already portrayed Jesus in his passion in these terms: silent before authorities Lk , deprived of justice, an innocent man condemned Lk , 15, 22; ; compare Acts ; , his life taken Lk ; ; ; compare Acts ; ; The eunuch wants to know whether the prophet is talking about himself or someone else.

    Or, as the targum has it, wicked Gentile nations suffer at the hands of the victorious Messiah, who vindicates his people Targum of Isaiah ; note Israel suffers in Targum of Isaiah ; , 4, 10, and the wicked Gentile nations in , , Philip "opened his mouth" NIV omits this phrase; compare and beginning from this passage compare Lk tells the eunuch the good news about Jesus. Christ is the salvific key to the Old Testament.

    Harrison ? Does he continue a connected exposition through succeeding chapters of Isaiah, dealing with baptism at Isaiah compare 1 Pet and the new day of salvation at , to , where a eunuch participates without hindrance in the people of God Porter ?

    Expositions of Holy Scripture: The Acts - Alexander Maclaren - Google Livres

    Does he proceed from Isaiah 53 via early Christian testimonia on the suffering servant and righteous sufferer to show the Ethiopian how Christ and his salvation are preached in all the Scriptures Is ; ; ; Ps 22, 34, 69, ; Longenecker ? Whatever the method, Philip both answers the eunuch's question and points to Jesus' saving significance. Do you want to understand the Old Testament? Stand in the empty tomb, under the shadow of an empty cross, within earshot of the teaching of Jesus and the preaching of the apostles, and read!

    Convert and Evangelist Sent on their Way When the carriage arrives at some water, the eunuch exclaims, "Behold water! What is hindering me from being baptized? One of Luke's great concerns is that obstacles of age Lk , religious tradition, old or new Lk ; , race or ethnic origin Acts ; , or physical condition , if the eunuch were one physically must not keep people from hearing and applying to themselves the gospel of salvation. His ideal is found in the closing phrase, indeed the closing word, of Acts: "Boldly and without hindrance he preached the kingdom of God and taught about the Lord Jesus Christ" The eunuch is baptized as Philip stands with him in the water.

    Is it by immersion Williams or pouring Stott ? The account will accommodate both understandings. Though Philip is taken away suddenly, the eunuch goes on his way rejoicing. For Luke and us, joy is a manifestation of a person's salvation ; Lk ; , particularly of reception of the Holy Spirit Acts The episode ends as it began, with divinely guided and empowered outreach. Miraculously transported over thirty miles to the seacoast town of Azotus Old Testament Ashdod , Philip continues his witness on non-Jewish soil until he comes to Caesarea compare The conversion of the Ethiopian eunuch graphically demonstrates the inclusiveness of the gospel.

    No apparent obstacle--whether physical defect, race or geographical remoteness--can place a person beyond the saving call of the good news. For how Kush ran to the preaching is possible to see from the believing Ethiopian. God shows that all the other nations also believe in Christ with their kings" quoted in Martin For persons of black African lineage, the eunuch's conversion means the "inclusion of black Africans among the charter members of the faith.

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    Expositions of Holy Scripture: the Acts Expositions of Holy Scripture: the Acts
    Expositions of Holy Scripture: the Acts Expositions of Holy Scripture: the Acts
    Expositions of Holy Scripture: the Acts Expositions of Holy Scripture: the Acts
    Expositions of Holy Scripture: the Acts Expositions of Holy Scripture: the Acts
    Expositions of Holy Scripture: the Acts Expositions of Holy Scripture: the Acts
    Expositions of Holy Scripture: the Acts Expositions of Holy Scripture: the Acts
    Expositions of Holy Scripture: the Acts Expositions of Holy Scripture: the Acts
    Expositions of Holy Scripture: the Acts Expositions of Holy Scripture: the Acts
    Expositions of Holy Scripture: the Acts Expositions of Holy Scripture: the Acts

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